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Interview with the authors
"Insightful and thought provoking analysis which brings a fresh and challenging perspective to the question of gender difference in the workplace"
Melanie Richards KPMG Partner
"A thought provoking contribution to the debate about gender equality.It challenges conventional views and argues for fundamental changes in the way we view the world.Required reading"
Baroness Prashar Deputy Chair of the British Council


Binna Kandola
Professor Binna Kandola OBE is a business psychologist, co-founder and senior partner at Pearn Kandola business psychologists. A thought leader and highly respected diversity practitioner, he is the author of several books including the award winning Managing the Mosaic: Diversity in action, and, The Value of Difference: Eliminating bias in organisations.
Jo Kandola
As a chartered occupational psychologist, Jo Kandola has worked with a wide variety of organisations to audit, develop and implement their approach to diversity and inclusion.She is currently conducting research at Warwick Business School that explores ways to alleviate prejudice within organisations,with a specific focus on gender bias.

If we are serious about raising the performance of our organisations, we will reflect on the lessons contained in this illuminating book, and act on them

Stefan Stern, Cass Business School

Book details

Title: The Invention of Difference - The story of
gender bias at work
Authors: Binna Kandola and Jo Kandola
ISBN: 978-0-9562318-1-9
Language: English
Published: 25 November 2013
Publisher: Pearn Kandola Publishing
Format: Print and eBook